SFS provides a totally independent Stove and Fireplace Safety Service


The principle behind SFS business philosophy is, we think, rather special because it is kind to everyone (see below), and provides the best solution for the client at a ‘service quality to cost ratio’ that is highly effective.

At SFS we do ‘exactly what it says on the tin’ and nothing else. We concern ourselves with you, the client’s safety. To do this we need to be independent and not have any conflict of interest. So we do not sell stoves or do any fitting.

This means that you get unbiased, guaranteed specification, in writing, of all and anything needed to provide you with the safety of your unique special situation.

We believe that it is not possible to assume that advice can be certain to be correct unless:

  • The premises have been visited to examine all aspects – not just the stove, as it is a process that needs to integrate your special needs, the chimney, the stove, the ventilation requirements, alarm requirements – including correct positioning – and many other essential aspects – for example Distance to Combustible Materials etc.
  • Any existing flue system has been checked to see that it is safe; this requiring a physical process that takes time and specialised knowledge – a short 10 minute visit by anyone – no matter how knowledgeable is not going to be good enough.
  • The installation is done by parties appropriate to you, the client’s specific needs – and this can usually only be determined after a full assessment of the property.
  • The advice incorporates and integrates at least 3 different disciplines – where each may be an absolute expert in their field, but may not always be able to have 100% focus on the overall specification needed to ensure safety. SFS integrates the safety requirements for the whole, so that once followed, safety is ensured.

Now here is where the kindness comes in:

Instead of competing SFS specialises in the Safety Survey exclusively.
Approved Shops and Fitters and also Chimney repair specialists, where needed are then able to complete the works, with a defined specification for their aspect of the work, knowing that the job has been properly assessed from all aspects of safety – and that SFS will not be doing this in competition with them. Trust is then established and ensured for all parties, including the client.

We get referrals from many satisfied clients – over 50-70% of our referrals come from this.
But we also get repeat referrals from approved Shops and Fitters, who use SFS.
In turn, we can refer you, the client, to the correct experts to most cost effectively provide you with the safest and trouble free solution.

It is a principle effectively of gifting, by referral, which works both ways and benefits you the client, but also other businesses – and ensures that SFS sticks totally ‘to the knitting’


Kind Regards,
Brian SFS
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